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What's new in Home Theatre & Data Projectors?

BenQ W8000 vs. Epson TW8300 TW9300

BenQ introduce to Australia the W8000 THX certified home theatre projector. With a street price up to 1k lower than Epson yet side by site you can't pick the difference.

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What Printer, Scanner or Projector to buy?

For A3 Colour Laser Printers especially, it depends on print volume, toner/ink & media price per page.
Some applications (medical for example) consider airborne toner particles so they may choose a Solid Ink printer same for a wedding stationary company. A warehouse may only need a low purchase and running cost A4 Mono laser printer.  .../cont.

Wireless & USB Scanning

Future proof your office scanning..

Snack on some Solid Ink?

Fuji Xerox's Phaser ColorQube 8570 Printer 8570-DN poses no possibility of Toner particles becoming airborne make the Phaser a great choice for medical applications.
Solid Ink has a very high print quality. Low running cost per page make the 8570 the choice for companies requiring first class output on normal paper for presentations, tenders etc. or card stock such as invitations.
So good you could eat the ink?

 ausmedia AIM Digital Imaging eWAY Payment Gateway 
In the case of scanners they all do different jobs, some scanners are better for photos and film, others for PDF document scanning.
With projectors a lot depends on the use (Data, Cinema or both) plus how much light is in the room. 

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A3 - A4, Laser, Solid Ink, Inkjet Printer Prices

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A2 Professional Photo Printing "Pro-1000" by Canon

 Pro 1000 vs. Epson P800 vs. Epson P600 Review.

Automatic black ink switching saves time and wasted consumables.

  • Ships with set of full sized cartridges.
  • Reduced clogging ink delivery system, temperature controlled and redundant print nozzle system for reduced waste.
  • (With Epson once blocked it's over, the Canon attempts to carry on till you can clean the heads)
  • Large 80ml cartridges and no black swapping wasted time and ink.
  • Chroma optimizer helps to avoid bronzing.
  • Denser pigment lay-down than Epson, especially noticeable in reds.
  • Increased color gamut via more cartridges especially blacks they are very deep!
  • Vacuum paper feed system for better alignment of paper.
  • Supports fairly thick media.
  • Accounting Manager software for easy customer billing.
  • The only con seems to be no roll media support.

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New Photo Printers from Epson

P405 & P600 A3 Printers with Cash Back!

Epson P-405 A3 Photo Printer

Epson P600

Epson P600 - The improvements in the black DMAX of 2.84 won't be noticed by most, you'd need a direct side by side to see it but you'd notice some speed improvements in a comparison with the R3000. To try and split hairs you'd want your source images to be spot on with emphasis on the blacks.


For many years we were know as The Scanner Place (scannerplace.com.au) so we know scanners. We've expanded a lot since then because we buy all Digital Products in bulk and offer great prices.

We love clients coming back for another scanner with comments like "after all these years I didn't expect you to be in business", who can blame them with so many computer shops and on-line stores closing.

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Epson Document Scanners

Popular Scanners Epson V550 Photo Epson V800 Scanner for A3 Documents & Photos Microtek A3

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New Liquid3D 3D Printer educational information & prices umax.com.au

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